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Are you willing to listen? Really? I loved this link … give it a click or enjoy the  flow chart posted below 🙂    

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Making a difference

One of my creates moments this year was training a group of educators in Emotional Intelligence. Do you feel like you want to make a difference? take a look at what you think needs to happen in the world around

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Look up!

Sometimes we become bogged down by the trivialities in our daily life. Take a moment to physically feel what happens in your body when you are “bogged down”. Feel the weight of your shoulders, the closed posture, the sunken jaw…

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Lovely ideas

Mondays are a great time to make positive changes!

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What to ask in a job interview

The part of the job interview where the prospective employer gives you an opportunity to ask questions is one of the most significant opportunities for you to differentiate yourself. Here are some hints: Don’t ask anything you could have found

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How much should you earn?

How much should you earn? I’m giving my blogging series on corporate animals a rest. I promise there will be more on the animals, but I read this and found it very interesting. Having been a business owner, employer and

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The corporate animal – 4 – The Elephant

I became an foster mommy to a new born baby elephant that was found alone in the African bush in April this year. It was with sadness that I heard last week that little Ajabu had died. I dedicate this

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The corporate animal – 2 – The Kingfisher

Not only the crocodile impressed me from the wooden enclosure of the bird hide. A tiny kingfisher put on a delightful show and taught me a lot about perseverance. That little guy sat quietly staring at the water for a v.e.r.y long

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The corporate animal – 1 – mr/ms croc

I recently spent a few days in the African bush. One of the pleasures of having a base in Johannesburg is easy access to the Kruger National Park.  KNP is a beautiful natural environment larger than the entire country Israel.

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The art of procrastination

Procrastination is an old friend. I can find numerous ways to procrastinate. When some work on my thesis is due, I can rather write a blog post. When a blog post is due I can find myself suddenly fascinated by

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