Conflict Management

Managing conflict is a daily reality in the life of a manager. The conflict may be interpersonal, interdepartmental, or even organizational. Most people have never learnt effective and appropriate strategies for dealing with conflict situations. We fall back on our habits, whether that is to avoid or defend, without evaluating our responses and the results we hope to achieve.

This workshop offers a valuable opportunity to understand your natural conflict response and develop new, effective strategies for dealing with difficult situations and people.

“In adults, anger is often triggered by the threatened loss of something greatly valued. Work, love and play represent the triad that affect one’s sense of well-being. The loss of, or threat of loss, of any of these gives rise to adult anger. Translate this to the workplace and I’d rank these 3 as the biggest causes of anger: downsizing, or the threat of job loss, the pressure to do more with less, or the loss of existing resources and disempowerment, or the loss of control over the work to be done”

– R. Brayton-Bowen -Harvard Business School Publications


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