Yay! It happened!

After much encouragement from the youngsters in my life, the FIRST episode of my podcast was born!

It’s always exciting to learn new skills and open to new possibilities. Thank you for the support and love.


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New Podcast!


The learning curve continues here.

This week for the first time I took part in an international online festival. I was astonished at how easily and beautifully participants and presenters could connect from the heart, regardless of distance!

Old dog and new tricks and all that… Thank you for the support to keep connected with friends and others who are also enjoying the unfolding of this work.

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The one about mind tricks

I hope you enjoy this podcast! Recorded on the banks of Ganga during lockdown in Rishikesh.


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The Hot Topic!

Relationships and relating is a hot topic – and more so during this crazy time on the planet. Here in India, we are back in lockdown. This can be challenging for couples whether they are co-habiting or not.

My dear friend, the divorce lawyer says Covid is good for business.

This podcast about relationship vs relationshit is an exploration of challenging individual and joint dynamics that come to play in our partnerships.


Podcast link below…


#awakening, #lockdown2021, #newreality, #wakingup, #satchitananda, #truth, #freedom, #spirit, #acceptance #courage, #spiritua,l #newlife, #gratitude, #emotions, #sanga, #realization, #emotionalintelligence

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Building Resilient Communities

During these 15 months in India at this interesting time on the planet, the topic of resilient community has become a real lived experience. Most foreigners who stayed behind, as repatriation flights left for their own countries, remained here because the possibilities of growth on a personal and spiritual level in India were enticing. Most of my time here so far has been sent in Rishikesh, also known as the yoga capital of the world.

During this year and a bit, I presented workshops for Women, workshops about Presence and Embodiment, Relationship Trainings, Intuition, and Trauma. Out of the many workshops that I ran in both Rishikesh and Goa, the work around trauma was the most profound.

In the Trauma Trainings, participants were given an opportunity to experience what their own systems feel like in regulation and learnt skills to regulate the nervous systems of others.

As more of this traveling tribe started doing the work, they became available to support one another and the community. A sweetness and genuine care unfolded.

I feel beyond blessed to be a part of this process with these brilliant beings.

Let’s create a world of care and community.

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Flexibility and Fabulousnesssss

Lockdown in RishikeshIMG_0442

Here we are.

In the last few months many of us had to face changes, some of them highly challenging. Existence has called on us to review our life choices and to stop and notice where we are in our lives, in our relationships and in our willingness to change.

Covid brought such a great opportunity to STOP. Our society has been consuming the world, consuming the resources of this lovely planet, consuming our inner reserves for decades, if not centuries. So much greedy grabbing in the pursuit of creating safety and stability, wealth and the plastic joy of owning the newest. We’ve eaten the world we created, and now it’s time to rest and digest.

This time has found me in Rishikesh. And one by one, in the midst of a global shut down and travel bans, my clients called to cancel my work for the year. No groups of people to train and develop, no trips to five star conference centers, and travel restrictions that limited our planning.

In the early days of lockdown, a client mailed and asked for a meeting to discuss online work. This seemed to me to be a great opportunity. I watched my ego brag about good internet here and my own zoom platform. We set up a time to meet online. Exciting! I wore my corporate clothes, did a full face of make-up and neatly tied my hair. I chose a setting with a blank background and positioned the myself and the webcam for the best visual effect.

There’s an old saying that “if you want God to laugh, tell him your plans”, and as it went. this meeting was a true comedy of errors. I couldn’t get my sound to work. And then as that resolved, the internet cut out. In a one hour meeting, the internet failed 5 times! My confidence became a bit apologetic and as I tried to convince the client that this was Very Unusual, they got “that” look. You know, the look that says: “we don’t really trust your promises – you’ve oversold your capability.”

I closed my laptop at the end of the meeting feeling exasperated. “Ok, God, you’ve closed this door. I am open and trust another opportunity will arrive. God or Existence or Life Force (whatever terminology you prefer) is a wonderful business partner!

Very soon things started moving and changing. A lovely young friend here spoke about wanting to run women’s circles and within a week we put together the first of a series of workshops. In two months more than 10 workshops and events happened. It feels easy, flowing and such a great joy to share in this space. A few people have asked me to do one on one sessions, and I love sharing in that way.

The most recent workshops have been focussed on trauma healing skills. After the first level one, so many more people wanted to learn the skill set and a repeat came a week after. On Sunday there will be a level 2 Trauma Training. I feel deeply blessed here!

This morning I remembered, over a cup of Masala Chai with a friend, the saying that: “in the eternal battle between water and stone, water wins”. Thanking my business partner for this gift of flexibility!

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Are you willing to listen? Really?

I loved this link … give it a click or enjoy the  flow chart posted below 🙂





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Making a difference

One of my creates moments this year was training a group of educators in Emotional Intelligence.

Do you feel like you want to make a difference? take a look at what you think needs to happen in the world around you and ask yourself – what can I do?

Some of the principals of schools who attended this course are trying to prepare 1200 students for their final exams with a mere 19 teachers (and some of those teachers don’t even bother to arrive for work). The fact that they facilitate a pass rate for maths and science of over 85% is miraculous. (not to mention the fact that the students have no desks and that one text book is shared between 20 learners)

Governments are not providing solutions. it’s time we step in.education

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Emotional Intelligence

Today 36 beautiful diverse South African beings were part of my Emotional Intelligence workshop in Johannesburg. I was touched by their stories, their challenges, their insights and understandings.

This video clip is for them.



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Look up!

Sometimes we become bogged down by the trivialities in our daily life.

Take a moment to physically feel what happens in your body when you are “bogged down”. Feel the weight of your shoulders, the closed posture, the sunken jaw… It has been shown that this type of posture can affect your physical body by decreasing the release of endorphins and testosterone and increasing the release of cortisol – the stress hormone. (check out Amy Cuddy’s brilliant talk on ted.com)

Likewise it has been shown that open, positive body language has a direct impact on the chemical system of your body. Not only do we feel better, but others have more positive perceptions of us. We appear to be more approachable, more confident and more engaging.

So, this is a reminder to look up!  Take some time today to go outside, throw your head back and look at what the sky has to offer you. Open that chest to all the possibilities around you.

My son, a budding entrepreneur and brilliant filmmaker created this time lapse of the African sky. Put on your headphones and watch in full screen and enjoy!



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