Liesl Gini

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Dr. Liesl Gini is a facilitator, coach, therapist and consultant with more than two decades of experience in growth and development work. She has presented her work in over 20 countries in Europe, Australia, Asia, America and Africa. She holds a Ph.D with the University of Sedona.

Dr Gini combines her understanding of interpersonal dynamics, the human nervous system and leadership with a practical background in business. Her research into leadership allows her to understand the diverse needs individuals and organisations. She is interested in the application of Spiritual and Emotional Intelligence to support the process of innovation and growth.

Since 2020 she has worked in India presenting training to support the development of resilient communities. She conducts one on one session both online and in person as a therapist and spiritual teacher.

Clients that have benefited from processes developed by Dr. Gini include: BMW, Pernod Riccard, ABSA, Telkom, Billcare, Sassa, Department of Labour, Nedbank, Indigo Airlines, Vodacom among many others.

Find Liesl on Instagram at “embodythis1” 

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Is your idea of purpose coming from conditioning, or knowing who you truly are?
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