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The art of procrastination

Procrastination is an old friend. I can find numerous ways to procrastinate. When some work on my thesis is due, I can rather write a blog post. When a blog post is due I can find myself suddenly fascinated by

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Are you funny peculiar or funny ha-ha?

Ever done a presentation with a piece of spinach blacking out your tooth? I have. And worse – no one in the audience told me, or even pointed at their teeth to give me a hint. Worst part? I thought

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Is that an immovable obstacle?

I’m becoming used to blogging with this obstacle. This “obstacle” is an elderly cat. She’s a bit of a dame, 19 years old and too accustomed to her soft food to do anything about the nest of rats that have

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Spiritual Intelligence

I started facilitating in an era when even emotional intelligence was seen to be too “fuzzy” to be taken seriously in the workplace. In the 90’s it was really tough going to sell “soft skills” into organisations. Thankfully this has

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Would you still do your job if you won the lottery?

I’m really, really blessed to love my job! I know this, because as a facilitator and trainer I regularly see people who really, really don’t. Years ago I was working as a coach and got offered a project aimed at helping

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Support across time zones

I have once again been blown away by the power of social networking. A few weeks ago I ran a workshop in Singapore. It was an intimate, but diverse group from Singapore, India and Brunei. Being a South African by

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After hearing great reports about blog-sites as a viable alternative to traditional websites, I have decided to try my hand at doing it myself.  I enjoy the freedom and flexibility to be able to change and edit my content. it

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contact information

  For more information about workshops, coaching and consulting email me at  –

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