Look up!

Sometimes we become bogged down by the trivialities in our daily life.

Take a moment to physically feel what happens in your body when you are “bogged down”. Feel the weight of your shoulders, the closed posture, the sunken jaw… It has been shown that this type of posture can affect your physical body by decreasing the release of endorphins and testosterone and increasing the release of cortisol – the stress hormone. (check out Amy Cuddy’s brilliant talk on ted.com)

Likewise it has been shown that open, positive body language has a direct impact on the chemical system of your body. Not only do we feel better, but others have more positive perceptions of us. We appear to be more approachable, more confident and more engaging.

So, this is a reminder to look up!  Take some time today to go outside, throw your head back and look at what the sky has to offer you. Open that chest to all the possibilities around you.

My son, a budding entrepreneur and brilliant filmmaker created this time lapse of the African sky. Put on your headphones and watch in full screen and enjoy!



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