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Instagram – embodythis1

FB – Pashianti Workshops and Sessions

PO Box 4192 
South Africa

The easiest way to get hold of me is by email. Working in multiple timezones means that I am not always immediately available, but will definitely get back to you within a few hours! Alternatively you can leave a message here.

2 comments on “Contact me
  1. Thato Malebane says:

    Hi Liesl,

    I attended your Ultimate Sales Manager course through Astrotech. Please could you send me the list of the recommended literature we explored in the training.
    I look forward to more education and enlightenment. I’m really grateful for your wise insight into our professional environments and how to mitigate challenges.

    Kindest regards,

    Thato Malebane
    083 353 8604

    • lieslgini says:

      Thanks for your kind comment! I often get this kind of request – I think I might do a blog post about it. It’s high time, I haven’t blogged for ages!

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