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New Podcast! The learning curve continues here. This week for the first time I took part in an international online festival. I was astonished at how easily and beautifully participants and presenters could connect from the heart, regardless of distance! Old

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The one about mind tricks

I hope you enjoy this podcast! Recorded on the banks of Ganga during lockdown in Rishikesh. #awakening #beyondtrauma #lockdown2021 #newreality #wakingup #satchitananda #truth #freedom #embodyingessence #acceptance #courage #spiritual #newlife #gratitude #emotions #sanga #realization

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The Hot Topic!

Relationships and relating is a hot topic – and more so during this crazy time on the planet. Here in India, we are back in lockdown. This can be challenging for couples whether they are co-habiting or not. My dear

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Yay! It happened!

After much encouragement from the youngsters in my life, the FIRST episode of my podcast was born! It’s always exciting to learn new skills and open to new possibilities. Thank you for the support and love.

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Building Resilient Communities

During these 15 months in India at this interesting time on the planet, the topic of resilient community has become a real lived experience. Most foreigners who stayed behind, as repatriation flights left for their own countries, remained here because

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